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“Double Tall Art & Espresso Bar” is an Art Gallery combined with a stand-up Espresso Bar where you may view art while enjoying coffee and beer.

If you’re interested in exhibiting your work at our Gallery, please feel free to contact. Inquiries are available in English and Japanese.

Our exhibition space can be hired at the following rates.(tax included)

▶ Basic Charge(Weekday 11:00-15:00 included)
1wk 44,000 yen
2wk 77,000 yen

▶ Weekday Additional(8:00-11:00、15:00-22:00)
+2,200 yen / per hour

▶ Weekend Additional(8:00-22:00)
+2,750 yen / per hour

▶ Midnight Additional (22:00-8:00)
+5,500 yen / per hour

【Sales Comission】  20%